“It was the Best vacation of my Life!” — Will

“It was the best trip that I have been on!!” — Brian

“Overall this trip was amazing, and I have to say the most fantastic trip I’ve ever experienced!  — Heather

“Your Hawaii trip was the best thing that happened to me in a long time!” — Art

“This vacation was the most structured, organized, fun filled, exciting, and interesting vacation I’ve ever had” — Gia

“I just wanted to let you know what an amazing week I had with you and everyone in Oahu.  Not knowing anyone on the trip and assuming I’d be the lone new yorker of the group, I figured at the very least I’d get some great workouts and hopefully some tropical weather. What I ended up getting instead far exceeded those expectations.  I truly never expected to form such close bonds, and I never would’ve expected to shed tears upon my good-byes.  (I guess I also didn’t expect to party like a rockstar every night, but I wouldn’t dare take any of it back.)  And this newfound fear of heights thing – what an exhilarating sense of accomplishment to reach the top of Makapuu and Koko crater still in one piece and alive to tell about it!  Can’t wait til the reunion, and more importantly, next year’s trip!” — Janna

“Sonki Fitness Vacation to Maui was truly an amazing experience. It was the best part of my year and definitely the most rewarding vacation I’ve ever been on. I had the time of my life and ended up losing almost 10 pounds. I came into this expecting to get back into the routine of working out after working my first full-time tax season, but it turned out to be so much more than that. Sonki perfectly incorporates fitness into the trip, you almost don’t even realize you’re exercising. Don’t get me wrong those military style workouts in the morning were tough, but how could you complain while looking out at the beautiful Hawaiian beaches. My favorite part of the trip was our bamboo forest hike. I never knew I could be so adventurous! Being on the younger side (22), I figured it would be tough to relate to the group. I never expected to walk away from the trip with such close bonds. You walk away from Sonki’s fitness vacation with amazing memories, new friendships, and a transformed perspective on fitness and overall health. Thank you Sonki! You can count me in for a trip every year after tax season :)” — Samantha

“I had the time of my life, partied like a rock star, AND dropped 4 1/2lbs! Sonki’s vacation revitalized and re-motivated me to get into even better shape and to stay that way.” — Craig

“Just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed the trip and had a great time! I really enjoy your trips because I can come alone and immediately feel included and part of a group.  It’s a wonderful experience to meet different people and get to know them while taking part in fitness activities that can be incorporated back home. Well, I look forward to next year’s trip!” — Sandra

“I must say that Sonki and his group can show you how to get in shape and stay that way, literally for life, even if stranded on a deserted island!” — Roger

“The trip was everything Sonki said it would be and more. I came back in better shape and had an amazing time. I felt like I got to see the entire island of Oahu – more so than if I had gone to Hawaii on my own. Sonki knows where to take you – beaches, hikes, restaurants, and more. He’s a top-notch personal trainer and a top-notch vacation planner! I would recommend this trip to all of my friends who want an active, fun, and rewarding vacation.” — Lauren

“Thanks so much for organizing a terrific Hawaii trip!  The hikes were fantastic, the beaches were beautiful and the people were amazing.  I heard nothing but rave reviews from everyone throughout the trip.  It definitely exceeded expectations, and I think everyone made some great friends while having some super experiences and getting in shape along the way.” — Chris

“When I first signed up for Sonki Fitness Vacation, I did so with hesitation since I didn’t know anyone else who was going. I never imagined that I could have so much fun with a bunch of strangers!” — Barbara

“I just wanted to say that the trip was the best vacation I’ve ever had and can’t wait to do it again!” — Dave

DSC_0202“Overall, I had a fabulous trip and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I had some reservations about doing the trip not knowing anyone, but really found that it was no problem at all once we all got to know each other.  I think you could definitely promote this trip to those solo travelers that don’t want to think about all the hassle of planning the trip and figuring out the best things to do.  In addition, it was nice to experience Hawaii with others.  That leads me into my next item.  The trip was very well choreographed, and as someone who had never been to Hawaii there is no way I would have explored some of these places you took us to.  I believe that it takes an experienced traveler who really knows the island well to figure out some of the best places to bring the group.  I loved the Bamboo Forest hike and if I were there solo definitely would not have made it up to see all the waterfalls, and would have probably stopped lower in the hike.  On the fitness front I was also pleased.  I ended up losing 3 pounds the week we were there.  In addition, I felt good even though a little sore from the workouts…but a GOOD sore.  In addition, the trip changed my mentality a bit and really caused me to think about pushing myself.  Since returning I decided to switch up my workout routine and enrolled in high intensity interval training classes, as I felt they gave me a more “Sonki” like workout than my previous routine.  Thank you again for the experience, and you never know, you may see me magically appear on another trip.” — Lance