“Sonki’s class is the best thing…” — Terry Moore (Oscar nominated actress)

“Since starting Sonki Fitness, I have lost 16 lbs and my body fat has dropped from 19% to 13%. For me, in many ways Sonki Fitness has been a life saver. I am stronger, faster, and fitter than I was in my 20s.” — Roy Sekoff (Founding Editor, Huffington Post)

“Training with Sonki has been an excellent experience! I feel better and am more fit than ever before! I highly recommend training with Sonki or attending one of his Boot Camps. Sonki is incredibly passionate about health and fitness and inspires you to achieve your absolute best!” — Blake Mycoskie (Founder of TOMS)

“I am so happy with your training! Working out with you has really changed my life! It has not only given me more confidence, but also gives me some stress-release and some “me” time in the midst of my ridiculous schedule. I would not want to work out with another trainer!” — Sarah Kozer (Playboy centerfold / Reality TV show star)

“You and your program have changed my life since I moved out to CA. I feel more confident mentally and physically in every way. I’m amazed everyday that one change (your program) could have such a huge impact. I think of my life as ‘life before Sonki’ and ‘life after Sonki’ (AS); the ‘AS’ part has been awesome! I really appreciate all you do as a fellow teacher. Thanks for being our friend, leader and inspiration!” — Kate Sauerhoff

“Joining your classes is the best thing I have ever done for myself!” — Katherine Meneses

“I really wanted to thank you for all that you’ve done for me. I’m so grateful for all the training I did, and how much stronger and fitter I’ve become. Your class gives me a lot of enjoyment, strength, better health — it’s priceless.” — Jennifer Smith

“What I get from that hour of your boot camp is more than I’ve ever gotten in even any one-on-one trainer sessions, and I really really want to improve my cardio. Your boot camp is, to me, the most efficient and best way to do that.” — Ali Boone

“As 5-time world champion of STREND Fitness Competition, Sonki is truly an inspirational trainer. What a great opportunity to work with Sonki, it’s like having Tiger Woods as your golf instructor!” — Brian Axe

“I am seriously obsessed with your bootcamp and it has improved my life in so many different ways. Besides feeling stronger and more confident, I am eating a lot better and drinking a lot of water and it has made me feel great!! Thank you Sonki!!!!!” — Alina Shraybman

“Since working out with Sonki, I have lost about 25 lbs. I feel more confident and I am much happier. I have a sense of accomplishment and inner peace that I have never had before. I feel like I have added years to my life.” — Trina Geiss

“Sonki’s class has unquestionably changed my life. I have more energy than I have ever had and feel better than I ever have.” — Holly Boyer

“I can’t begin to tell you how great it has been to be in your Boot Camp. I cannot say enough good things about what you put together and the people you put together!” — Stephanie Day Morfitt

“I want you to know that starting this has been the best thing I have ever done for myself! I love it and I love the camaraderie! I have lost a total of 4.5 inches overall in two weeks. I know that boot camp has been an instrumental part of that! You are a great motivator and I am truly inspired to stay active and improve my fitness routine!” — Adriana Munoz

“…it’s by far my favorite workout in LA!” — Matt Spooner

“I am so grateful for having been introduced to your program. I tell everyone about it as well. You have honestly changed my life and I look forward to being a part of Sonki Fitness for a long, long time to come!” — Noemy Ponce

“Today is my ONE YEAR anniversary of boot camp! Since I started, I have lost 7 lbs. and 2” off my bust and waist. Today I ran the mile the whole way without stopping once – a breakthrough! I have taken 3:33 off my mile time and gone from 23 modified push-ups to 32 “man” push-ups! I can’t thank you both enough for the difference this has made in my life!” — Tracy Hunt

“Over a 12 week period I have lost 25 lbs. Better yet I went to my doctor on Friday (Jun 4) for a follow up from my March physical exam. My blood pressure was down significantly. He had wanted to give me blood pressure meds, but he did not. He said my blood pressure reduction in 12 weeks was as good as if I had been on meds for the 12 weeks. I still need to lose some weight to get down to my college playing weight, but no blood pressure meds needed. This has been great! Even with my weight training from before I could not lose the pounds. The class kick started my weight loss with little or no knee pain. Thanks. You are the best!” – Ed Simonian

“I look forward to next session! There is no better workout or faster results available.” — Fran Chamberlain

“I REALLY REALLY loved my first 5 weeks with your program…worth every penny…” — Karen Lequeux

“Thanks Sonki!! Now I can fit back into my slacks and my surfing has improved tremendously from all the leg and core workouts.” — Jim Smith

“Thank you Sonki!  I am having such a great time.  I definitely feel stronger and I am noticing my posture is getting better and I feel more confident.” — Laura Crow

“Yay!! I’m so proud of myself and my husband! You’ve changed us a lot. We feel much healthier and better. Thank you so much Sonki!” — Yoshie Kurkowski

“Thanks Sonki!! I did exceed my own expectations and after only 5 weeks am already feeling in better shape than I have been in years!!” – Ileana Villalba

“I cannot express how much I enjoyed boot camp! Your teaching style and encouragement was absolutely wonderful.” — Robin Meselson

“Yay! I am getting stronger and faster! I used to be the slowest runner in class but not anymore. Also, I think I might be able to move up bands from green to red. This is HUGE since it’s only been a few weeks of training. I just want to share how valuable I think your program is!” — Suzanne Webb

“I am really enjoying the class and am finally feeling healthy again after several years of virtually no exercise since I started practicing law and particularly since I had a child five years ago. You’ve got a great program!” – Brian Frontino

“Sonki, I did the marathon yesterday! My time was 4:40 – much better than I expected! My number one goal was to go under 5 hours, since my best time was 5:07. Today I am super crazy sore but very happy with myself. I attribute part of my success to doing your boot camp. I am certain that your cross-training made me a better runner & helped keep my body relatively injury-free. Thanks!” — Jennifer Smith

“Thank you so much for working with Pepperdine! To say I have enjoyed participating is a huge understatement! I really looked forward to our Tues/Thurs workouts. Thanks to you and your team, I totally feel and see a difference in my body. My stamina and strength have really improved; I especially notice it when I run. Take care & thanks again for being such an awesome motivating force!” – Minda Miyamoto

“Your boot camp is the best workout I’ve ever done, and it’s been a very important part of my day-to-day existence.” — Mark Ejnes

“Just wanted to send you a quick email to say how incredibly pleased I have been with my boot camp experience. I love your philosophy and can definitely feel myself getting stronger. I also love that I actually keep trying to push myself since I have never really been the type to push when it comes to working out! Last October I decided it was definitely time to grab hold of my health and started training for my first half marathon which I completed in February. To help with this, I hired a trainer at LA Fitness. The training has turned out to be pretty mediocre and I have to say that I have seen more results in my few short weeks with you than I have with 6 months at my LA Fitness trainer…” — Katie Dennis

“I just want to give you my testimonial for your great boot camp. I love to exercise all summer long when I am not teaching. I swim, run, do yoga, go hiking, and lift weights all summer. But then work begins and I do less and less as the weather gets colder. I always feel like a bear that wants to hibernate in the winter. Trying your boot camp was the best thing that ever happened to me. As you can tell, I work with a lot of great people but they are all about 20 years younger than me. And while I feel like I am in pretty good shape for my age, I wasn’t sure I could do this. Well, I can tell you that it is amazing. I don’t even mind getting up at 5am or going to bed earlier. It is all worth how good I feel each day. I used to feel sluggish at work by the end of the day, but now I have energy all day long and that’s not easy when teaching!! So thanks again…” — Linda Catanzano

“I have to thank you for not only giving me these awesome arm and back muscles to show off in my wedding dress, but for giving me the tools and coaching to make sure I maintain these muscles for a long time. I have felt so much stronger and better since starting your program. Your program is so encouraging and I didn’t ever think I would enjoy it as much as I have. Katie, you are always so bright and smiling that you make it fun to attend each class. Sonki, you’ve created a great program that really is perfect for any fitness level. Thank you both again for getting me in such great shape!” — Melissa Relf

“I want to thank you for being absolutely amazing at what you do. I accomplished things that I never thought I could and this class has definitely given me a new outlook on exercise. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” — Jocelyn Langus

“This class is the best money I have spent on getting back in shape post baby!” — Kelly Stone

“Just wanted to give you a GREAT BIG THANK YOU!!! Although I may have been the last one in on the mile run, I don’t think there was anyone more stoked today than me. I doubled the number of push-ups, almost doubled the number of sit-ups – and actually finished my mile (which was my big goal) without stopping. I’ve come from being so sore on my first day that I literally couldn’t lift my arm up to my face to put on my mascara – to about 100% improvements on the core and arms, and meeting my goal running!!! And if I look in the mirror – in just the right lighting – I am starting to see DELTOIDS!!! And I think deltoids on a woman are hot. Bring on the spaghetti straps! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! — Gale Feldman

“I am AMAZED at the results after just 4 weeks – can’t wait to keep going!” — Julie Borrenpohl

“This is honestly, the first time exercise has been fun for me and not an obligation!” — Beth Mathiowetz

“I just wanted to thank you for your energy, motivation, and skills that you taught me. I have not felt this physically or emotionally fit in a long time – so thank you!” — Heather Boyle

“Thank you! I love your boot camp. I haven’t been this motivated to workout in like 10 years, and I’m really starting to see results in my body!” — Jamie Jota

“And Sonki, I want you to know how grateful I am for the class. It’s been so great. It’s a terrific class. It’s amazing how three hours a week can really change your body. You’re a great instructor!” — Natasha Sunshine (Founder, www.byu-ti.com)

“Thanks for the most incredible workouts! I would have never thought I could enjoying exercising so much and without expensive equipment. Your professionalism, encouragement and variety make your program fabulous!” — Marianna O’Brien

“I am so glad to have started Sonki Fitness! I am a mom of a 2-year old and almost pushing 40-years of age. I’ve never felt so energetic, and am very happy to have lost pounds and inches since starting your class. I will definitely take your class indefinitely!!!!” — Mae Tan

“I feel fantastic…and I can’t wait to feel even better! This has really changed my outlook on getting in shape and exercising. I am having so much fun!” — Jocelyn Meyers

“I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am that I discovered your boot camp classes. It has totally changed the way I work out. I’m going to continue looking for hills to run up and stairs to climb and sand to run in when I move. I’m going to dread going to the gym in the winters in Wisconsin (although I don’t think there’s any way to avoid it in a midwest weather) but you’ve really inspired me to use the elements of my environment to work out and mix up cardio w/ strength training moves. I’m definitely going to miss the classes, but I’m going to use what I’ve learned to continue working out on my own.” — Trina Henney

“I just want to say that any improvement I made this session is thanks to you. I know you always say it is about how hard we push ourselves, but as a teacher, I know that it also has a lot to do with your leadership. It’s all about the standards you set for us, the energy you give us, and your constant encouragement. I have taken fitness classes before, had a personal trainer, etc., but I have never seen the results that I have with your Boot Camp nor have I ever been able to stick with another program. I actually look forward to coming to Boot Camp and miss it when I can’t make it. Running a mile for me has never been less than 14 minutes and seeing that I could now potentially do it in less than 10 minutes is unbelievable to me. I feel stronger, more flexible, and have more energy. And I’m actually having a great time, despite all the whining I may do. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have made such a difference.” — Nana L.

“In all honesty, Sonki Fitness has totally changed our lives and I am so glad I found it and I seriously tell everyone, not just my brides, about it. Our downtime now includes any outdoor activity that we can think of, which is a HUGE departure from our permanent spot in front of Tivo. We have also completely transformed our eating & drinking habits and I feel a million times less stressed than I have ever felt in my life. My body fat is down from 28% to 24% and Max’s is down from 25% to 22%! So Max and I have a huge thank you to pass along to you and Katie!” — Felicia Trujillo (Owner, www.feliciaperryphotography.com)

“It is by far the best program around. It allows me to do some of the most effective exercises and play the great games that I would not have thought of doing otherwise. During my first session, I was able to find out where my physical performance level (baseline) was and where I wanted to be toward the end. The most important thing for me was I felt great both physically and mentally.” — Vinnie Le

“I really enjoy your boot camp class! I haven’t been this motivated to work out in a long time and it has encouraged me to go running on my own (which is definitely a first).” — Meredith Anderson

“Thanks for everything Sonki. You’ve really helped me get on the right track to weight loss and fitness. I’ve gained more energy and can sleep better ever since I started boot camp. Today I weighed myself, and I lost 6 lbs. since starting five weeks ago and 3 inches around my waist which is my biggest problem area. Thanks again!” — Jamy Vadakel

“Just wanted to take a moment and thank you for an amazing session! I definitely saw results, and my husband is grateful to you!” — Blanca Javadizadeh

“This is the first workout that I have enjoyed in a long time. Being a former Dancer and Pilate’s Instructor with a masters in Kinesiology I appreciate the thought, energy, and time that you and Katie put into our workouts. It is an amazing experience!” — Carrie Jacobson

“I love love love your class! I’ve been going to the Mon, Wed, Fri class in Beverly Hills, and already I’ve seen and felt changes in my body. My grandma calls you a life saver, and I totally agree!” — Alexandra Cramer

“I just wanted to let you know how great this experience has been. Your boot camp is challenging, motivating, effective, fun…worth every penny. In four weeks I’ve seen an improvement in my energy levels, endurance, and attitude, and I can’t wait to come back again. I recommend your boot camps to anyone who expresses the slightest interest. Thanks for running such a positive and professional program!” — Beth Fortune

“Sonki rules! Thank you so much. I didn’t know how I was going to wake up at 6am three days a week, but managed to have perfect attendance. I feel very accomplished and good about myself for sticking with this commitment, and I definitely see the results. Thanks again!” — Lauren Kahner

“…the best thing I did for myself in a long time.” — Allie Patel

“Love the boot camp, Sonki! In these past couple months, it has really changed my life! Thank you so much!” — Lisa Roach

“I was on vacation looking for a little exercise and ended up having an amazing time doing your Boot Camp! In just 5 weeks, I lost 8 pounds, took 2 inches of my waist, dropped my mile time by a full minute and went from being flabby and out of shape to being enthusiastic about exercising again. The best part was going camping last weekend and being able to tackle a 10 mile mountain climb…I have gained new appreciation for the value of doing stair sprints!” — Nadia Madden

“You have truly been an inspiration and I LOVE your classes! I wholeheartedly endorse your training.” — Heidi Mayer

“Love the program and the instructors!” — Jessa Daly

“Really, yours is the best boot camp I’ve tried (out of four different ones)…” — Melissa Hahn

“Sonki Fitness Boot Camp has made a huge difference in my life. I always feel better after class and my Tuesdays/Thursdays at work tend to be better as a result. For a long time I thought I didn’t have time to work out but this class has shown me that it’s important to make time and that the end result is increased energy and focus.” — Fiona Chaney

“I am very excited about my new strength and fitness in only a little over 4 weeks! Just the fact that I can now do sit ups and push-ups is amazing. I love the program and will be back in Santa Monica class at 8:30 AM starting the week after next. Thanks so much for all your encouragement…I know that your program is the best thing I have done for myself in years!” — Julie Sorotsky

“…this is a great investment in my life….this has already made a BIG difference in my life and people around are noticing not only physical but a mental difference in me. Thank YOU!!!!” — Joanne Coghill

“It’s the best exercise program I have ever done! You make it fun and exciting!” — Amy Reynolds

“I just wanted to share some very good news with you. I have lost a total of 25 lbs, but the big news is that I have achieved my long range goal of going from a size 14 to a size 8! I went clothes shopping this weekend and almost started crying I was so happy. :-)” — Celeste Talbot

“I have been meaning to write you to tell you how much I LOVE boot camp. It’s seriously the best fitness program I have tried to date.” — Alisa Schwartz

“Just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE your class! I am a part of the Playa Vista 6:30am class and I absolutely love it. It totally kicks my butt and I already see some results. I cant wait to see the progress that I will make through the rest of the 5-week session.” — Allie O’Grady

“And thank you again. Your class has just made me feel so much better about life!” — Jessica Baukol

“I honestly didn’t think I was going to make it through, but I couldn’t be more excited about starting up the next 5-week session. The classes completely changed my mentality about exercise and really gave me that motivation I needed to get back into shape and focus on leading a healthy lifestyle. Thanks!” — Natasha Gonzalez

“I wanted to thank you for an amazing session. I am still in shock that I took almost one minute off my mile time in just five weeks…I am amazed at myself and feel so accomplished…I haven’t felt like this in a long time!!! Thank you for being such an inspiration.” — Jennifer Nassiri

“Thanks Sonki – YOU ROCK!!! I LOVE THIS CLASS!! I LOVE GETTING UP FOR IT!! Even though I am a bit sore and have no aerobic capacity at the moment, I feel I will be able to set some great goals for the end of the class! Thank you for bringing such a wonderful, fun and supportive boot camp to the hood! — Ellen Starr

“Thank you so much for all of the great classes thus far! I really love it! I am seeing results in many different ways!” — Sarah Babb

“Just because it makes me happy…and because I love your class–My first mile my first day was 10:22 and this last session’s time was 8:39. I don’t think I have run a mile that fast…EVER! Thanks again. You rule! — Rina Carmona

“Really enjoyed the program! The pre-assessment measures gave me a base line measure, and the motivation to keep working out. I pushed myself far beyond what I would have if I had been working out alone. Thanks Sonki.” — Zoe Mitchell

“Just want to tell you I’m so glad you made me realize I could do this program. I am only two weeks in but I am so happy to be a part of such a positive fitness program. It is really challenging, and I am already seeing results. It is amazing. And you are amazing. I am inspired by your discipline and work ethic. Thanks also for the philosophical quotes in your emails and newsletters. They are really motivating.” — Melissa Kelly

“I love your class! Over the past 9 weeks of boot camp I have lost 3% bodyfat! I will definitely be back for more. Thanks for such a great class!” — Michelle Wade

“This is only my second week, and I already feel a difference. I really like your program! I’ve tried other things (like at the gym), and I don’t get the “instant gratification” that I have gotten in such a short time with you. I really am surprised that I feel this much better after so little time. I’m hooked!” — Allyce Balson

“I’m very happy that I did it, and proud! Even though it is not so easy getting up early or pushing myself on the sprints etc., I have found the experience empowering. I like my new attitude about working out!” — Karen Sternfeld

“Sonki, I just want to say thank you! I have never loved working out so much. This is one of my best summer’s yet, and I can’t see my self not doing Sonki Fitness Boot Camp.” — Jose Hernandez

“I’ve really enjoyed the classes! I don’t think I’ve ever worked out this hard before or seen such great results.” — Trina Henney

“I’m definitely in the best shape I’ve been in probably since high school soccer!!” — Allen Freeman

“I just want to thank you for offering such a great class…for someone who has always been intimidated by exercise, your class is a true blessing!” — Jennifer Manna

“After two 5-week sessions and one Hawaii Fitness Vacation…I’m fitting into my clothes again! For the first time in a year. So thrilled!” — Vanessa Taylor

“This is just what I need. I have told many people that this is the best thing I have ever done and it feels good to do something healthy and challenging.” — Laura Spencer

“Thanks for everything. It’s amazing how an hour a day of your training changes your entire day and the way you view everything.” — Gelareh Khalioun

“I’d like to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed this past session. I feel more fit and energetic since taking the class. And I actually enjoy mornings now!” — Ginger Bandoni

“I wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying the classes. I am not an early morning person, but I really love getting up and coming to class!” — Kate Lyon

“Thank you again for your great program! I have been seeing such great results, and my friends are complimenting me also. I love the fact that I feel stronger and faster!” — Linda Lee

“I just felt like sharing this with you–it was through Boot Camp that I actually began ‘moving’ again after a loooong time of being a couch potato and putting the blame of my sedentary lifestyle and weight gain on an injured knee. And I have to tell ya–I’ve just had one of the most fun and rich summers of my life–being outdoors…meeting at lakes and parks and really cool places to run, bike and swim w/ some really great people. Thanks so much for what you do…I wouldn’t be able to do this now if it hadn’t been for foundation that was laid in Boot Camp! I know I’m only one of so many who’s life has been impacted as a result of working out with you…the change hasn’t just been through the exercise and the physical, but through the process I learned to believe in myself again. As Robert Frost said…’And that has made all the difference.’ A heart-felt thank you!!!” — Suzy Fletcher

“I just wanted to say thanks for a great session. I was very happy with my results–especially with finally breaking the 6-minute-mile barrier! The structure of your class has helped me to achieve a more fit and healthy lifestyle (both inside and outside of class time). I’ve been running more in my own time and, as a matter of fact, over the last 6 weeks I dropped 5+ pounds of body fat. In short, I’m 32 years old and in the best shape of my life thanks to your boot camp. Thanks again, Sonki!” — Zach Brown

“By the way, I don’t think I’ve expressed my gratitude yet. I have really enjoyed boot camp. Having played sports my entire life, after college I really missed the team environment and having a coach keep me in shape and I really feel that I have found that again in boot camp. I think you do a great job at keeping classes interesting and different. So, thank you!” — Elizabeth Criswell

“Your class is great…every day is a challenge. Thanks for putting together such a great program!” — JC Crump

“I just wanted to thank you so much for all of the training and support! Your boot camp was exactly what I needed and I feel like I am in much better shape.” — Mara Light

“Sonki, I love your workout sessions!! This is the first time I’ve stayed with an exercise program more than 3 months in 10 years since I injured my back. You are a great coach with the right spirit and heart. It shows through in the sessions when you are working with us.” — MeiWah Wong

“Overall it has been great experience. I’ve never pushed myself this hard when working out, which is good! Thank you for a great time and a challenging workout. I definitely saw results and more importantly, felt great! — Gina Yim

“It has been the best workout program for me. I really enjoyed it so much!” — Tracy Clemens

“I feel so alive today! I had so much energy this morning for work that I might have surprised my boss a bit. It was great to get back into shape again and with such an awesome program.” — Betty Wang

“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this program! Your instructor Danielle is wonderful and after only a half a [5-week] session, I am feeling better and stronger. I can’t wait to continue!” — Jane Rogers

“When I started your Fitness Boot Camp back on June 20, 2005, I had been mostly sedentary for over 3 years. I weighed over 230 pounds (I am only 5’ 6 ½” tall) and had 31% body fat. At the beginning, I could not even jog around the ¼ mile track even 1 time without stopping to rest. After three full 5-week Boot Camp sessions, I have lost 17 pounds and my body fat is down to 24%. I have also lost about 3-4 inches off my considerable waist. But more importantly, I have become much stronger. I am 53 years old, so getting back in shape is harder and takes longer than when I was 23, or even 33. But the progress has been steady, and I am very pleased with the results. I am committed to attending as many classes as I am able through the end of 2006 (!) in order to meet my fitness goals of weighing 170 pounds, 15% body fat, 32-34 inch waist, and able to run (at least) an 8 minute mile. Boot camp is my number one priority. Just ask my poor, neglected clients! You know, Sonki, my entire life I have hated exercise. It’s always been a chore. But, despite myself, I sometimes have fun! You are great and my fellow boot camp warriors are very supportive. This is the very best thing I have done for myself in years. Thank you.” — Bill Dolinsky

“I joined Sonki Fitness in June 2005 and have lost about 12 lbs…Sonki’s program imposes structure regarding when and how I will work out. It assures me that I will exercise even when I don’t want to. I love Sonki’s approach — it’s all about being the best you can be without being competitive with others. This allows everyone to be a winner.” — Olin Hyde

“Our work in boot camp is showing up so powerfully in my business that I can’t afford not to continue!” — John Osborne

“Joining Sonki Fitness Boot Camp is one of the best choices I have ever made. Since I never played sports or had a consistent physical activity in my life before joining Boot Camp, I had no idea of my physical potential or the amazing benefits that exercise has had on my entire life. I love the supportive, positive atmosphere and the great instructors I’ve had at Sonki Fitness that have given me the confidence to keep at it and continue challenging myself. I have been going to the same class for over a year, and the friends I’ve made in that class are a constant source of inspiration, especially when I don’t feel like getting out of bed to work out on Monday morning! Boot Camp has changed my body in ways I never imagined, not only losing weight, but now having the strength to take on activities such as hiking and back-packing that I never could have imagined doing before. I manage stress better, and I feel so good that I have been able to move forward in so many positive ways in all areas of my life. Boot Camp has changed my life so much that I seriously tell everyone I know to try it out – I just love it!” — Jessica Racioppo

“Sonki Fitness Boot Camp has had a really significant impact on my life. I have made the classes a priority. I feel as though the only thing I have to do is show up. Once I’m at the class the motivation kicks in big time. I like the variety. It’s hard to dread the workout when you don’t know exactly what the workout is going to be! I like the combination of self motivation, group support and Sonki’s encouragement. It works for me. And I love working out at the beach early in the morning, it makes me appreciate the beautiful place I live in. Through a combination of Sonki’s program and a significant change in my diet, I have lost 30 pounds…and my strength and endurance have improved dramatically!” — Barbara Allen

“After a calf-injury and three years of graduate screenwriting classes at UCLA whose homework consisted of sitting in a chair writing and eating snacks for eight hours a day with no workouts, I put on 35 pounds of intra-abdominal fat and looked way, way-overdue pregnant. Having always been thin, this was pretty tough on my ego. At graduation last month, I noticed a classmate who earlier in the year had a gut as big as mine but who now looked lean. He literally glowed with health. His secret: Sonki Fitness Boot Camp. So I tried it. I hated getting up early three times a week to make the classes, and after each one, I ached all the way home. But week-by-week, I seemed to gain more energy. By the end of the five weeks, I had a whopping 100% increase in strength, had lost fifteen pounds, and shaved nearly 3 and 1/2 minutes off my mile run – and I’m 61 years old. Most importantly, I didn’t look pregnant anymore. I had killed my belly baby. I’m going back to whack some more fat off of what’s left of my belly baby’s carcass.” — Chuck Loch

“I used to be a one-trick pony when it came to working out: cardio, cardio, cardio. But with Sonki Fitness Boot Camp, I’ve seen a drastic improvement in my physical fitness in a remarkably short period of time. I feel stronger, leaner and more energized than ever…and people have noticed. Sonki has revolutionized my perspective on exercise and has inspired me to be a boot camp warrior for life!” — Shanna Rosen

“I have to say, I feel great and can’t believe what I have accomplished in your class. I am looking forward to doing the next session!” — Jose Hernandez

“I had a fun and challenging past five weeks. I have never applied myself physically, mainly because I never thought I had it in me. You have proven me wrong and now I want to continue and see what I am really capable of. I am really pleased with my results. Looking forward to the next session!” — Michelle Wilson

“I was pretty strong and athletic growing up but had not really worked out in the last 7-8 years, so my initial reason for doing this boot camp was to get back into shape. But now, having almost completed the 5-week session, I can’t imagine NOT doing it because of how great it makes me feel everyday. I feel stronger and faster and just better than I have in a LONG time. And you have made lifetime believers out of Carrie and myself (not to mention all of our friends who are interested as well after hearing how great we feel!) So thank you very much for everything!” — Leslie Wade

“Thanks Sonki! I feel great, and I really felt the improvement in my strength and stamina. I brag about your classes being just the right mix of cardio and strength training. And when you constantly mix it up for fun, it makes it that much better! You’re an awesome trainer, and there is no doubt I will be joining again!” — Sarah Kemp

“I began working out with Sonki in February of 2003 after one of my friends invited me to his Boot Camp class. The class was fun which was a big change from going alone to the gym every night. After 2 months of Sonki Fitness Boot Camp, I have increased my strength, stamina and lost 15 pounds! Prior to working out with Sonki, I had difficulty doing 3 push-ups in any amount of time or running a ¼ of a mile. Now, I can do 35 push-ups in a minute and run a full mile. Nothing has ever worked this well for me in the past.” — Lisa Pardini

“I’m blown away by how much faster I got. Thank you for everything so far. You’ve brought me to a new level. I can’t tell you how great it feels.” — Mary Buckley

“Dani and I are both grateful that you are in our lives. We have had such great experiences and met such wonderful people. We can’t imagine not being a part of the Sonki world. Thank you for doing what you do!” — Charles Spies

“Your exercises today reminded me that if you want to get anywhere in life you have to push hard, even when you don’t want to, and even if you think you can’t. Thanks for that lesson.” — Neille Olson

“I’ve seen and felt a tremendous difference since the first day in boot camp and are very grateful for your help. In fact, Summers and I are so pleased, we’re planning on signing up for the next one in September.” — Ron Bruno

“Great class! It’s really amazing how much better I feel in just 1 week.” — Laurie Chapman

“I must tell you that your boot camp was a phenomenal experience for me and I am so happy with the changes that have resulted from your great program!” — Gretchen Hinojosa

“I love the class. You foster such a positive atmosphere that I’m ready to work on my fitness level without any nervousness.” — Judy Gantley

“Thanks for everything! I thoroughly enjoyed my session with you. It never really felt like I was working out. I had fun and got into shape all at the same time…and yes, I think I could be on my way to a six pack!” — Karen Dexter

“Taking Sonki’s classes has not only toned my upper and lower body muscles, it has most importantly brought my weight down to what I had weighed before high school. It is amazing how my body feels and how my old clothes don’t fit me any more. I’m elated to see my body shed pounds right before my eyes and have other people notice an enormous difference as well. I strongly encourage people of all different shapes, sizes and fitness levels to try Sonki Fitness Classes!” — Rayna Hiscox

“I just realized I’ve never given you my feedback on your Camp, and it’s important to me that you know what a difference it has made. I did the fitness club duty for years (probably 20 to be honest). Although that environment produced changes in my fitness, I truthfully was never happy with the type of results. I concentrated on machine work with some aerobic activity, and my body changes were minimal, but altogether NOT what I wanted. Although I’m sure it has something to do with my perception, the indoor-club atmosphere became stale, boring, and frankly annoying. I came to dislike immensely the smells, sounds, and sights. Due to a number of reasons, I found that I wasn’t being challenged and actually started to lose interest and the drive to better myself. Contrast that experience with Boot Camp, the difference in my fitness achievements is nothing short of astounding! I’m not one to exaggerate much, but I have to boast a little. I came in to your camp tipping the scales at just over 180lbs (as they say, mostly muscle-LOL). Although I was fairly fit (having trained for the LA Marathon the previous 9 months, running consistently 9:30 miles), I had actually put on additional fat lbs, and was starting to have reason to worry about ‘dunlop disease’. Since I began your camp last March, I’ve lost over 2.5″ in the waist (33.5″ to just under 31″), I have a six-pack which I haven’t seen since college, and I’m never at a loss for energy. My upper body strength has increased dramatically as well. Progressing from about 30 push ups and 40 sit ups to 62 and 82 in the fitness test is a testament to the progress I’ve made. Although I’m in it for the fitness, I can’t tell you how many times people have stopped me to ask what I’m doing to be so fit-looking! Perhaps it’s the thin waist line, or the glow in my cheek, but whatever the reason, friends and strangers notice. I try to carry a fairly unassuming demeanor, but I have to admit, I do on occasion project a little self-pride. Yet with all that said, nearly as important as the fitness gains is the camaraderie afforded by the outdoors-group exercise experience. The competition particularly inspires me to excel, yet it’s tempered with friendships that are formed upon the precept of improving one’s fitness and health. This is a great gift. While others are spending their time sleeping, we are working hard to improve ourselves. So I thank you. For having organized such an exercise regimen in the first place, and secondly for pushing and encouraging me to do better. It’s working!” — Duke Hendrickson

“Whenever I tell people I meet about how this Boot Camp has helped me, they are always so amazed. It was EXACTLY what I needed for SO MANY reasons, and I was so READY to have this in my life when I learned of it. And not just for my physical fitness needs. I know myself so well, and unfortunately I’m not as internally motivated and disciplined as others, and of course self- defeating thoughts and attitudes never help. I need that “accountability” to others to get my ass in gear. And having an appointment to be somewhere at a certain time makes it easier for me to TAKE ACTION. That’s another way Boot Camp has been helping me in my LIFE….giving me the momentum to live each day to its fullest and be more PRODUCTIVE in my daily responsibilities. It’s really helping me to be more responsible and PROACTIVE. You know how they say, “change just one thing in your life, and everything else changes, too…” well the Boot Camp has been the CATALYST for many different changes in my life overall. Your group is part of my support system, and my commitment to the Boot Camp training is essential for my continued development of successful habits for living.” — Liza Weber

“After a turbulent four-year run in the Internet technology tornado with no “time” to exercise, my fitness level had sunk to a lifetime low. With Sonki’s training, I’ve made significant improvements physically AND mentally that I would not have thought possible in five week’s time, and had fun in the process. Sonki is the most professional, patient, and creative instructor you’ll ever meet. I highly recommend his outdoor fitness program if you’re serious about getting into shape, and tired of paying that gym membership you’re not using.” — Mike Broggie

“I was shocked at the improvement in my pushups and running times….Out of the 15 classes I missed three, didn’t work out any other days of the week and still had tremendous improvement. After working out with personal trainers and dreading the repetition of the machines, it was so refreshing to see how much could be done using our own bodies or partner resistance exercises. The hour goes by much faster than any I’ve spent in a gym. Sonki is great!!!” — Carol McCune

“Sonki’s has the hardcore military and STREND competition background, but don’t let that scare you…he’s the nicest, most patient, inspiring person you’ll ever meet and that’s exactly the combination that makes his fitness program an unbelievable gem.” — Paul Sebastien

“What I got out of Sonki’s training most was a sense that I could really push myself to new physical limits. Never before had I ever been so challenged to do things that were so hard that I would have given up on my own, but with the encouragement and guidance of Sonki, once I did them (without throwing up or crying), I felt so amazed at my body and my mind for having worked through the pain. I used to think of myself as a total wimp, but after this class, I’m looking at myself in a new light. I’m never going to win an Olympic medal, but I can kick a little ass if I need to.” — Jenna Christensen

“Sonki’s class motivated me to actually work out in the mornings, something I never thought I would do. One of the best things about the class is that Sonki motivates his students (warriors) to challenge themselves regularly. The class helped me feel like I had really accomplished something for myself and it showed. Within a week of starting Sonki’s class, someone pointed out that I had a noticeable glow! After getting used to the regular rigorous routine, the class becomes quite addictive!” — Patti Gonzalez

“I have always believed strength training can only be done on a large variety of equipment only a gym would have. Sonki has shown me that this is not true. Surprisingly all these muscles can be isolated and worked by myself or with a partner, without any weights or other equipment. Dispelling the “gym myth” was worth just as much as the results I have obtained in working out with Sonki. This experience has changed the way I will exercise for the rest of my life.” – Brian Gregus

“You’ve been awesome in encouraging me to work out…considering I came to the class hating organized exercise (mostly gym and aerobic classes). I’m pretty proud of myself and do look forward to motivating myself to do it on my own at least 3 days of the week after the course. Best fitness instructor ever…for real!!” — Saira Mathew

“Prior to Sonki’s workout I was running 4 times a week and thought that I was in good cardiovascular shape. But when I started Sonki’s workout I realized that I lacked strength and coordination. His complete body workout dramatically improved my upper body and abdominal strength. This helped my running even further. Sonki’s routines were also fun, since he frequently came up with different workouts. Sonki is not only a great trainer, but he is also the fittest person I have come in contact with. It was great working out with him.” — Mehran Moshfeghi

“When Sonki started the fitness training program at Zaplet, I was one of the first to join. He was careful to choose activities that helped each person push themselves according to their level, but made sure that each participant was maxing out. The program was a good contrast of tough, burning exercises, and fun aerobics that kept your mind off the workout itself. His program was a big key in jumpstarting my exercise regime: I started the program at about 175 lbs. and 13% bodyfat, and I now weigh in at 180 lbs. and 7% bodyfat.” — Josh McFarland

“Sonki was as essential to my physical fitness as Rand McNally is to my next roadtrip. Alert, very fit, kind, patient, and very motivational, Sonki is a great fitness guide. I went from being able to run only 3 minutes without stopping to 45 minutes in 3 weeks. Sonki has the winning formula!” — Katrina Ure