Group training is an affordable way to hire a personal trainer by sharing the cost while having fun working out with friends or significant other. What you can expect from our training sessions are results, fun, and the biggest bang for your time. Our training methodology includes strength training, aerobic exercises, circuit training, agility drills, sprints, martial arts, flexibility improvement, and even some fun games.

Our training sessions are conducted outside to take advantage of the beautiful outdoors. We work with all ages and levels, and customize a program based on clients’ goals, fitness levels, and lifestyle. Within the training process, we not only help each client reach his potential but also teach mental toughness to learn to push the limits and make fitness a lifelong habit.

Cost for group training:

2 people = $60 each
3 – 6 people = $45 each
7 – 15 people = $30 each
Over 15 people = $20 each