Has your sex drive gone M.I.A? What turns us off may very well start with what we’re eating — causing you to suffer from a low sex drive. As we age, the foods that we eat can have an impact on testosterone levels, which ultimately helps determine what’s going on below the belt. To ensure that your next romantic rendezvous won’t go soft, consider cleaning up your diet by tossing these foods to the wayside.


Forget “liquid courage,” overindulging on some alcoholic beverages can throw off your talent in the bedroom — making it harder to develop an erection and obtaining an orgasm. A few brews may also cause premature ejaculation. When you’re hoping to have some fun between the sheets, stick with two drinks max and alternate with water.


What’s not to love about cheese? The answer is simple: it can take the spice out of the bedroom. Since cheese originates from cow’s milk, synthetic hormones can be present, which can negatively influence estrogen and testosterone levels.


Yes, bad breath is a turn off when you’re trying to seduce your partner but don’t turn to mint for the quick fix. The menthol that’s found in mint has been linked to lowering t-levels, leaving you with little to no sex drive.


A vast majority of canned foods are high in sodium, which can cause high blood pressure — ultimately reducing blood flow to the sex organs.


Deli meat, hot dogs, and hamburgers contain added hormones, preservatives, and antibiotics. These lower-grade meats can cause a hormonal imbalance in your body. Opt for leaner and unprocessed cuts like chicken or turkey to keep the mood alive.


Certain vegetables like asparagus, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts impact secretions such as semen, sweat, urine, and breath — leading to unpleasant scents and tastes.


It’s date night, you’ve decided on dinner and a movie, but that tub of popcorn is going to kill the mood later. Microwaved popcorn contains perfluorooctanoic acid, which is found in the lining of the bag. It’s been linked to decreasing sex drive and causing long-term prostate problems.


If you have a thing for licorice, it’s time to cut back on it because of the ingredient glycyrrhizin. This ingredient has been seen to lower t-levels.


Just because diet is in front of soda doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Diet sodas are loaded with artificial sweeteners, like aspartame, which directly affect serotonin levels. You’ll have a difficult time getting to that happy place.


Author:  Courtney Anaya