AGE:  26

PROFESSION:  Human Capital Consultant


COLLEGE:  USC (GO Trojans!)

FAVORITE FOOD:  Pepperoni pizza and anything dark chocolate (though not at the same time)


PLACE YOU WANT TO VISIT:  Australia, Greece, and Turkey (to name a few)

FAVORITE MOVIE:  Lethal Weapon 1 – 4

HOBBIES:  Volunteering with friends, drinking wine, and walking the dog.

What is your current exercise routine?  Boot camp M / W / F, 5k race once per month, daily walks with the dog!

What is your motivation to stay in shape?  Fitness has been a great confidence builder for me. Particularly after starting boot camp, I’ve been able to prove to myself just how capable I am and how strong I can be. Though I’ve been attending boot camp for over a year now, I continue to see improvement, which has translated directly into other areas of my life and I’m thankful for the positive impact.

What is your greatest challenge to staying in shape?  My schedule – it’s tough to find the time to invest in fitness among all of my personal and professional commitments. When I have a free moment or downtime, the easy preference is usually to relax!

What is your key to success?  I’ve been really fortunate to have a great, supportive instructor in Katie. She has always kept me accountable to attend class and push myself (thanks for your morning texts)! Boot camp has also been a great bonding experience for my friend, Kristin, and I. We are each other’s support and guilty conscience. 🙂 Getting into the routine is the hardest part – staying in it is easier.

What do you like about Sonki Fitness Boot Camp and how has it affected your life?  I’m in the best shape of my life! Over the years, I’ve had a personal trainer and tried all sorts of workouts, but I’ve never seen the results that I’ve experienced since starting boot camp. I’ve never been so strong, lean and fast!

What advice would you give to others about fitness?  Don’t underestimate the extent to which exercise can impact your life. I think the focus tends to go to how fitness can change your appearance, but it’s really so much more. It’s an opportunity to invest in yourself, your health and your happiness. For me, I’ve felt a great sense of personal accomplishment and maintained space to spend an hour of the week on myself, doing something that makes me happy – can’t beat that!