RosieAGE: 32

PROFESSION: General Manager, Milo and Olive

HOMETOWN: Oklahoma City, OK

COLLEGE: University of Virginia

FAVORITE FOOD: Burgers, steak and mac and cheese (no joke, all three).



FAVORITE MOVIE: Something Borrowed (I know it is cheesy but I love this movie!!)

HOBBIES: Studying all things wine, yoga.

BACKGROUND: I have always been an athletic person and have played sports since I was a toddler. I was a Division I athlete for 4 years in college, having played field hockey at the University of Virginia. It was one of the most mentally and physically challenging things I have ever done, but I never looked at it as fitness. It was just a way of life. After college, fitness continued to be an important part of my life, but as I got into my mid 20’s it became less and less of a priority. My social life took over 🙂 and I started to slack physically and professionally. I was a very insecure twenty something who didn’t know where I wanted to go in life. The slide continued into my 30’s as I didn’t feel very good about myself or my body. I wasn’t taking care of myself and lacked any kind of fitness routine. Even worse, I was smoking. Finally, I realized that I deserved better and something had to change. My friend Lindsay Stair convinced me to sign up for Sonki Fitness on October of 2012, and I was from that moment a better version of myself (Rosemary 2.0). It was definitely a lifestyle change. After just two months of doing Sonki Fitness, I remember going to try on clothes and realizing how tighter and better my body felt. It was an awesome feeling to fit into smaller clothes. Now I have more confidence, am mentally tougher, and am able to push myself as hard as I did in college. I have lost about 8 pounds but have gained so much more in other aspects of my life. Sonki Fitness has helped me become a better person in so many ways, and I am forever grateful.

What is your current exercise routine? Sonki Fitness Boot Camp 3-4 days a week and then yoga 3 days a week. Sometimes I double up and do both Sonki Fitness and yoga on the same day.

What is your motivation to stay in shape? My motivation is the confidence I have gained and how much better I feel on a daily basis. I have more energy and always am a happier, better person when I work out.

What is your greatest challenge to staying in shape? Food.

What is your key to success? Hard work. Plain and simple. Both professionally and physically. I work my ass off in anything I do. And it pays off.

What do you like about Sonki Fitness Boot Camp and how has it affected your life? I love Sonki Fitness because it has made exercise become an everyday part of my life. Prior to Sonki Fitness I was very inconsistent, getting in and out of shape (e.g. working out for 3 weeks and then taking a month off). Since starting Sonki Fitness, however, exercise has become a way of life and an integral part of my daily routine. Now I can’t imagine not working out on a consistent basis. In fact, I look forward to it everyday. It has given me so much more confidence in my body and helped me to push harder in my professional life as well. Sonki has made me mentally stronger.

What advice would you give to others about fitness? I believe fitness can truly change who you are as a person. It makes you happier and mentally stronger. It is such an important part of life. Fitness feeds my soul in so many ways. And it is fun! I have had such an amazing time getting to know all the amazing people in Sonki Fitness. I feel as though fitness puts me so much more at peace with who I am and my life in general. Fitness has had a profound and positive impact on me.