DebbieLee1AGE: 56

PROFESSION: Sales and Marketing

HOMETOWN: Cleveland, OH

COLLEGE: Boston University

FAVORITE FOOD: Pizza and Korean food.

FAVORITE PLACE VISITED: Italy and being with family at my parent’s home in South Carolina.

PLACE YOU WANT TO VISIT: Safari in South Africa

FAVORITE MOVIE: Westside Story


HOBBIES: Iyengar Yoga

BACKGROUND: When I moved to Santa Monica, I knew I’d never walk into a gym again. I watched Sonki teach in Santa Monica for over a year before finally joining. And I’m so glad I did! I am healthier and fitter than I’ve been in over 20 years thanks to a right combination of Sonki Fitness, healthy diet, and yoga.

What is your current exercise routine? I do Sonki Fitness 3 days a week. On other days, I do yoga.

What is your motivation to stay in shape? Looking good and feeling good.

What is your greatest challenge to staying in shape? Staying motivated and knowing my limits.

What do you like about Sonki Fitness Boot Camp and how has it affected your life? Sonki is a great instructor, the class is fun, and the results are great! That’s what motivates me to keep coming back. 

What advice would you give to others about fitness? Don’t stop moving, it keeps you young.