AGE:  39



COLLEGE:  Albany State University (the other ASU)

FAVORITE FOOD:  Shepperd’s Pie (or anything that involves mashed potatoes)


PLACE YOU WANT TO VISIT:  Argentina & Germany

FAVORITE MOVIE:  Big Lebowski, Miller’s Crossing, Blue Velvet


HOBBIES:  Watching way too much baseball, playing paddle tennis, skiing & going to concerts.

BACKGROUND:  I grew up in Albany, NY, where it’s been said that there are only two seasons: winter and road construction.  While Albany would not be the most ideal location for an outdoor Sonki Fitness class, it was a great place to grow up with access to great skiing, camping, fishing and hiking.  I always considered myself a pretty active person, but over the years I’ve felt myself slowing down and developing bad habits.  Oddly enough the Bally’s Total Fitness card that I used to carry in my wallet didn’t get me in shape.  I can’t tell you how many pubs I took that card to…and still no results!  Luckily my wife dragged me to my first Sonki Fitness class about a year ago and I haven’t stopped since.

What is your current exercise routine?  My current exercise routine is almost exclusively Sonki Fitness.  I am definitely someone that needs a push, and that’s why Sonki Fitness has been such a great experience.

What is your motivation to stay in shape?  I like to drink beer, so if I didn’t work out I would be a mess.  My main motivation is feeling good.  I can’t believe how great I feel since I’ve started Sonki Fitness.  As tough as it can be to get to a 6:30am class, the rewards make it all worthwhile.

What is your greatest challenge to staying in shape?  Sticking with it.  Over the years I have started and stopped working out more times than I can remember.  That cycle is something that I desperately want to avoid.

What is your key to success?  Setting personal goals is something that has helped motivate me throughout each session.  Knowing that those fitness assessments are always lurking around the corner keeps me from slacking off.  Even if I don’t always hit the goals I set, at least I know that I am working towards something.

What do you like about Sonki Fitness Boot Camp and how has it affected your life?  I like Sonki Fitness because it is the perfect combination of challenging and motivational.  Sonki, his instructors, and all of the classmates are encouraging, and you’re never made to feel like you aren’t living up to some unattainable goal that someone else is setting for you.  Sonki has also done a great job of making the class fun and helping people get to know one another.

Since starting Sonki Fitness, I have lost my gut, shaved 1 min 45 seconds off my mile run and have more energy than ever.  Every morning I used to sleep in until the last possible second and then feel sluggish all day at work.  Now I actually have time to get things done in the morning before I leave for work.  Overall, I just feel mentally and physically stronger.

What advice would you give to others about fitness?  If you haven’t signed up for Sonki Fitness, you should.