AGE:  68

PROFESSION:  Retired teacher

HOMETOWN:  Belleville, IL

COLLEGE:  Stetson University (BA, Music), USC (MA, Music)

FAVORITE FOOD:  Vegetables and fruit



FAVORITE MOVIE:  Romantic comedies

HOBBIES:  Photography, music, volunteer projects, and making jewelry

BACKGROUND:  One of the best things about retirement has been my participation in Sonki Fitness Boot Camp for the last 5 ½ year.  What better way to start the day than to exercise in a beautiful park overlooking the Pacific Ocean?  I’m building my fitness level and having fun at the same time.  After six months of a relatively sedentary retirement, I found an article about Sonki Fitness and gave Sonki a call.  He assured me that Boot Camp was a place where everyone could work at his or her own pace, and so I began my journey.  In the beginning, just getting out of the apartment and putting an end to inactivity was my motivation.

Presently, I do Sonki Fitness Boot Camp three mornings a week and would like to add several days of walking.  Staying in shape has provided me with physical and mental benefits.  I can lift a carry on bag unassisted into the overhead compartment of an airplane, hold my own in a partner resistance upper body exercise, and am motivated to do more of the things on my ‘to do’ list after an uplifting session at Boot Camp.  There are of course those days when lounging around is tempting, but I always remember my motto since college: JUST SHOW UP!  (Even in the rain).  So I show up for a dose of Sonki motivation, the camaraderie of my fellow Boot Campers and the knowledge that I’m not going back to my old way of being. Exercise has health benefits at every age and one is never too old to begin.  (I’ve observed my 92 year old mother doing sidekicks as she balances herself on her walker.)  Sonki always has an alternate exercise if you have an injury or condition, and he and his warriors are all great people who encourage and include everyone of us as we all build our own individual fitness levels with Sonki as our master trainer and motivator.

Encourage your own friends, parents, grandparents and other family members to join us at Boot Camp.  They too can experience being stronger, faster and leaner for life!